Thinking in English

Level: Elementary

Aim:  To present a strategy for students to start thinking in English.

Objective:  I will think more in English for everyday activities.

1. Starting the labelling

First, the students labelled as many things as they could in the room, with the help of a picture dictionary.

2. Spelling is not so important now

3. Eyes to see

4. Spelling is corrected now

Then we corrected the spelling, and drilled the pronunciation.

5. Where is the…

We practised asking, “Where is the …(object)”.

6. Go to the…

Then we added, “Go to the … (object)” after the response “there; over there; up there etc”.

7. Commentating on my responses

Next, we built on this sequence by commentating aloud the response.

8. Free practice

Finally, we spent the next ten minutes or so using our imagination to ask fellow students to do different things, like “Come with me to Green Park” etc.