Dog in a Bag

Timothy in his bag

2018 Calendar

Dog in a Bag 2018 Calendars

Timothy has had some calendars printed on nice and thick glossy 235 g/m² card every year since 2015.  They stand on a desk and have a metal spiral binding so that you can turn to a new photo of Timothy in his bag every month.

2016-calendar-photoThe calendar format has been the same since 2015 

2018 Calendar prices

We’d love to be able to send everyone a calendar, but they cost money to print, deliver, and to individually post out to people.  We have ordered a few more than we need, and can send them out to you for £9.50.

Please don’t send cash, cheques, or PayPal – instead please just use this page which will securely take a credit or debit card number and your postal address.  As soon as we have the calendars, we’ll post one straight out to you.

Royal Mail’s last Christmas posting dates

We’ll post the calendars out until we run out of them, but if you’d like to have yours before Christmas, please bear in mind Royal Mail’s last Christmas posting date is 21 December for UK First Class, so be sure to order yours before then.

Calendar photos (so that you can make your own)

If you’d prefer to make your own calendar, you can click each of these thumbnail images and then on “Download” for each one.  The large images are high resolution and will print at about 8″ square at 300dpi

2018’s calendar photos

2017’s calendar photos