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Timothy in his bag


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We created this website for fun, and love it that other people can enjoy Timothy’s adventures.  The website, though, is all about him – not us.  He’s in all the photos, he’s the one in the bag, he’s the one that people stop to talk to in the street.  Timothy can’t give any interviews (he’s a dog, remember!), and we don’t want to steal his limelight by speaking on his behalf.

We were delighted with the press coverage that Timothy got in September 2017, but truly, it was not our work.  The kind people at Jutexpo reached out to us in August 2017 and offered to make him his own bag: they had made the Royal British Legion poppy bag that Timothy has always used.  With the photos of Timothy in their bag, Andrew of Freedman Brown wrote a press release which he got featured in the Telegraph online, Daily Mail online, the Metro website, and the Mirror newspaper.

Timothy doesn’t work for Jutexpo or Freedman Brown, and they don’t act for Timothy, but if anyone wants to talk to someone about Timothy’s adventures in his bag, and especially about his bag, please call Andrew on 01942 527030.