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Timothy in his bag

A statement from Timothy

A statement from the desk of Timothy, holding the office of Dog In A Bag

Reports in today’s MSM (mainstream media) are claiming that Timothy has accepted responsibility for the outcome of this week’s United Kingdom General Election. This is fake news.

ITV News, BBC News, The Guardian, Financial Times, The Telegraph and Daily Mail and The Sun quote Timothy as having written “I take responsibility for my part in this election campaign“.

Timothy took no part in the election campaign.

He posted only two photographs during the election campaign (one of him in his bag hanging from a TfL cycle, the other of him in his bag beside a Quaker’s noticeboard). Neither of the photographs had any political connotations.

On election day he posted a photograph of the outside of an unidentified polling station, again in his bag. Thousands of other dogs also posted photographs outside polling stations.

Timothy is renewing his efforts to post regular photos of him in his bag and refutes that he played any part in shaping any political party’s election efforts.

Timothy will not be available for comment.

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Library photo of Timothy at a previous press conference while looking for the missing flight MH370 in March 2014

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  1. Great non campaign, looking forward to hearing of you not partaking in anything political or commenting on anything soon.

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