Dog in a Bag

Timothy in his bag

Thomas Telford’s Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Scotland can have independence, if it wants – they just have to promise to look after the Forth Rail Bridge.  Wales, though, sorry – you can’t go.  If you do, we are going to need to keep the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.  It’s an amazing piece of engineering, and still carries the canal over 120ft above the river at the bottom of the valley below.

It’s among the most impressive structures we’ve ever seen, and on one spectacular day this summer, we crossed it (both ways) in a narrow boat, and then went back over on foot.  It’s a far more impressive sight on foot.

Timothy stayed in his bag, and had a good look through the railings to see the river below.

Tourists who are thinking of visiting Britain and think that it’s all about London – think again.  London deserves barely a day trip.  Get yourselves down to Dorset, over to Shropshire, or up to Yorkshire – that’s where the real stuff is.  London is just a dirty and expensive hovel in comparison.

There’s a seven-foot-wide canal with a four-foot-wide footpath beside it, for 300m across the valley.  And over 200 years after it was built, it’s still working just as well today as it did on its opening day.  Well done, Victorians.

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