Dog in a Bag

Timothy in his bag

Birthday week – New bag (thanks Jutexpo!)

Timothy has used a Royal British Legion bag for just over two years.  We got the first one from the Legion on a Remembrance Day parade in London, and it was just the perfect size for him.  Since then, we’ve replaced it a couple of times by buying replacements from the Poppy Shop or at a local library where there is a small selection.

We’ve always used the same design, the falling poppies, so all of Timothy’s photos match.  Well, last month, while Timothy was minding his own business, going about town in his bag as normal, we had an email.  It asked us to call an office number: they wanted to talk about Timothy’s bag.

The company that makes Royal British Legion’s poppy bags from jute is called Jutexpo, and somehow they’d found Timothy’s website and photos.  They said “Our bags are usually used as a reusable and environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bags and were not designed with adventurous dogs in mind but we are delighted that our bags are perfect for helping Timothy get out and about.”

More interestingly, they continued and said “we thought he deserved a bag of his own”… and with that, a few weeks later, they produced one and sent it to us!

So Timothy now has a new bag – with a picture of him on the side, sitting in his poppy bag!  Thanks Jutexpo!

The bag has a different design on each side: on one side is Timothy’s picture and Jutexpo’s logo and web address, and on the other side is a message inviting people to take Timothy’s photo and gives his web address.

Believe us, people are not shy in taking photos!  This is the scene from last Saturday when we were trying to take a picture of Timothy in Oxford with the stream in the background.

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