Dog in a Bag

Timothy in his bag

3 thoughts on “On the world famous Ironbridge

  1. A lot of cavalier owners but their Cavvie a doggie pushchair when they get old and not able to walk very far. They’re bit expensive , probably a bit more comfortable than a bag.

      1. Thanks for your interest, Jani. Timothy has a pushchair too, but climbs out of it because he can’t see or smell us while he’s in it. It has a zip front but it doesn’t feel right to close him in. While in his bag, he lifts a front paw and puts it under his chin when he wants to get out… only then will he get out if we put the bag on the floor. Usually if we put the bag on the floor though, he stays sitting in it… who can blame him: if we’re willing to keep carrying him, why walk?!

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