2017 Calendar

Dog in a Bag 2017 Calendars

Timothy has had some calendars printed on nice and thick glossy 235 g/m² card every year since 2015.  They stand on a desk and have a metal spiral binding so that you can turn to a new photo of Timothy in his bag every month.

2016-calendar-photoThe calendar format has been the same since 2015 

  • We got a few extra printed and sold a few through this website, but we don’t have any left – sorry!
  • If you’d like to make your own, you can download high resolution copies of each month’s photo from the links below

Calendar photos (so that you can make your own)

If you’d like to make your own calendar, you can click each of these thumbnail images and then on “Download” for each one.  The large images are high resolution and will print at about 8″ square at 300dpi