Dog in a Bag

Timothy in his bag

Birthday week – Timothy went to Woofferton!

Each year, Timothy visits somewhere with a dog-themed name for his birthday.  After trips to Barking, Bark-hamsted, Barkham Manor, Berkswell village, and the Isle of dogs, we asked for your help to find somewhere to visit this year.

Woofferton in Shropshire was our favourite idea, so that’s where we went!

Well, it turns out that there is actually very little in Woofferton, and after we’d driven through it a couple of times, we realised that we’d actually be quite hard pressed to get a photo with Timothy and a sign which actually said Woofferton.

Happily, there is a MASSIVE set of radio antenna in Woofferton (and by MASSIVE we mean: think of the biggest you’ve ever seen, double it, put two of them up, and dangle a net between them.  Then fill a field with the same thing half a dozen times.)

We say happily – we mean scarily.  There was an 8ft fence all the way around the perimeter, and the only obvious way in was guarded by a huge gate and a bungalow, where we imagined there were people who had guns pointing at us.

We asked no questions, made no eye contact, pulled up in the car, turned it around ready for a quick getaway, got out (with Timothy already in his bag, and the camera already turned on), got a quick photo of Timothy on a wall with the Woofferton sign behind him, then ran back to the car, and raced off.

Ever the pro, Timothy managed to sit up in his bag – unsupported – on a wall.  We didn’t dare try to hang from the fence in case it was electrified, or in case the barbed wire tore his bag.

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