Dog in a Bag

Timothy in his bag

At the world famous Abbey Road zebra crossing

This morning we passed the Abbey Road zebra crossing which was made famous by the album from The Beatles where they were photographed crossing the road.  There are always swarms of tourists there, hoping to get their own photo of themselves and their friends crossing the road.  They seem unaware of the actual road traffic driving over the crossing.

The famous crossing is at the junction of Abbey Road and Grove End Road, so while a group of Japanese tourists were taking pictures of their friends baiting local traffic into testing their travel insurance, Timothy hung from the Grove End Road sign.

On the way back to the nearby tube station (St John’s Wood on the Jubilee line – in north west London, not the station called Abbey Road on the DLR in east London – though hats off to whichever cruel committee named that back in 2011!), Timothy also took a quick hang from a gate to a private carpark outside a block of flats.

At least two dozen tourists took his photo at the same time.  Surely the photo of Timothy in his bag will be more memorable than the one they were on their way to take of a zebra crossing.

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