Dog in a Bag

Timothy in his bag

Tottenham Hale tube station

We went for a walk along the canal from somewhere near Tottenham Hale down to, well, wherever we found a street that looked like it’d have a bus stop on it about an hour and a half down the towpath.

The bus station outside Tottenham Hale reminded us of North Greenwich when it was under construction around the time they were finishing the Millennium Dome.  We were waiting for a bus there once, and a bloke came up to us to ask “Which bus should I take to get to… heaven?”

No, we didn’t mishear, he wanted a bus to heaven.  The best we could do was suggest he takes a bus to Angel and see if he can change there.  He was surprised that I knew even that much – because he could tell that I didn’t live in London.  How so?  Because “they are not London shoes”.

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