Dog in a Bag

Timothy in his bag

In a bag, wearing a duffle coat, wrapped up in a wool blanket

Timothy is of the firm belief that if your pet people insist on taking you out in a rain storm to stand on a street corner for three hours to watch a parade of people walking and dancing, that keeping him warm and dry is their responsibility.

Not only did he walk no further than from home to the tube station, between two trains, and from Charing Cross station to Trafalgar Square (ahem, that last part is about 200 yards), he spent the rest of the day in his bag with his duffle coat and fleece blanket.

On the train home, he deployed the extra wool blanket.  Unfolded, it’s big enough to cover a double bed.  Folded three or four times, then, just the right size to wrap around a small dog – apparently.

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